Dance entertainment at a corporate event

Line dancing at our annual spring banquets was something to be expected. But in spring 2013, we decided to change things up. We hired Egor to teach us a few swing dance moves for our Spring Banquet. Little did we know how much the student body would love it! We had so many compliments on the dancing and the fun and humorous dancing instructor, Egor. At our 2014 Spring Banquet, we just had to do it again… with Egor as our instructor of course! His professionalism, punctuality, good price and easy to follow dance instructing make him someone you want to have at your event!

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Arleen Gomez, Tyndale Seminary Student Council President, 2013-2014

Best teacher in town, search no longer!

We searched a long time for a talented, expert dance instructor who not only knows how to dance, but also knows how to teach. We tried many different instructors at various studios around the city. We were so fortunate and so happy when we finally discovered Egor.

Paul and I have been taking social dance lessons with Egor for the last 10 years. (more…)

Joanna & Paul S.

A dance teacher responsive to your needs

You are looking for a dance teacher? I recommend Egor… I’ve been taking lessons from him for almost 9 years.

Egor is a great, experienced teacher with excellent skills. His approach is tailored to the needs of his students, combining a relaxed atmosphere with clear instructions on techniques. He pushes when necessary and lays back when he sees that I need to take things easier. If you want a teacher who is responsive to your needs and passes on his knowledge and experience to support your development in ballroom dancing, I recommend Egor.

Egor and I have participated in ProAm competitions and showcases…memories of fun, excitement and glamour.

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Talia N.

Salsa lunch time corporate group

Nine months ago, a fellow colleague had a brilliant idea to put together a group of 10 to 15 employees and embark on a wonderful journey of dance lessons; from salsa, merengue and bachata to rumba and swing. We’ve learnt so much in such little time! Who would have known we had such hidden talents!

Our remarkable progress is thanks to the wonderful work of our most talented, gracious, and witty instructor, Egor. He inspires us and encourages us to “put our best foot forward”.

Our classes take place weekly during our lunch hour. We have so much fun while reaping the benefits of exercise; we anxiously await every class!!

As a manager, I can’t think of a better way to take a break; midday, energize employees and promote wellness. I highly encourage other workplaces to call “Dance with me Toronto” and organize group lessons of their own.

Just put on your dance shoes!!!


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Betty A.

Stress relief and couple therapy

We would like to share with you how much we love our dance lessons with Egor – he is a wonderful teacher. We have never danced until few years ago – we tried different studios and almost gave up trying, but then we met Egor.  (more…)

Irina & German V.