My Argentine Tango and Salsa group experience at DWMT

I have had the opportunity of participating in Argentina Tango and Salsa classes at Dance With Me Toronto for a few months under Egor Belashov.    

Egor certainly knows his dancing, having been involved professionally at the highest level for many years.  But what makes his teaching so special is that he is able to seamlessly instill dance skills for students like me even at the basic beginner level.  He knows exactly what works.  Dance skills are introduced in a series of progressions.  Basic skills are taught and linked together to form more complete ones.  Timely feedback is delivered on an individual or group basis at the correct time.  Practice, demonstrations, repetition and modeling are all offered in an encouraging positive learning environment.

 Egor is dedicated and committed.  He treats each student with the utmost respect, equality, and is sensitive to the subtle factors that influence learning.  His interactions are warm and inviting.  Despite his world class dance skills, he is humble and down to earth and makes everyone feel comfortable in a positive learning environment.  When teaching, Egor communicates effectively and encourages everyone to do their best.  Egor truly loves what he does and those taking his dance classes will surely benefit.

Dean M.