2017 couples about their Wedding dances & lessons – NEW – Video

At DWMT we love working with couples that are getting married! Creating dream Wedding Dances is a Dream Job! And we are very happy to do it! Please, find a moment to read what our wonderful clients have to say about their experience with us. Scroll down to Watch Wedding Dance Video with these lovely couples in it – it is at the bottom of the page.

Hi Egor,


Our wedding dance with the bridal group was a huge success!  I’ve attached some photos of that dance : )  You’re definitely the best instructor!

BTW, I hope you will like our google review.


Much appreciated!

Ian & Mimosa



Hey Egor,
Wedding was amazing, had so much fun. Still a bit busy taking care of our guests. Here is a link to our first dance, you be the judge. Dancing it was fun, everyone was impressed! Thanks A LOT!!!

Aidin & Niloufar


Hi Egor!

The wedding was just perfect in every way –  there was nothing that could’ve been better haha the wedding dance was very smooth and natural.  I think it’s the best one compared to all our practice runs πŸ™‚  we just came back from our honeymoon!! I’ve attached some photos πŸ™‚ (unfortunately the video was too large to upload so we will show you in person when we see you next).  Thanks again so much!!! We will definitely go back into dancing after our volleyball season haha keep in touch!! 

Jon & Cynthia


My hubby and I came to Egor for private lessons in November 2017. We decided late in the wedding planning process that we wanted a first dance. Neither of us had any previous dancing experience and we both aren’t the greatest with body coordination. With less than two months remaining till the wedding, Egor managed to choreograph an amazing fairytale-themed dance for us and helped us with our practices. The first dance was well-received by our audience!

We decided on Dance with Me Toronto because we wanted someone who we can feel comfortable learning from and we knew it the moment we met Egor at our first trial lesson. Egor was very open-minded with listening to our visions/opinions and is extremely patient in explaining the dance moves and keeping you relaxed. He encouraged us to learn dance moves that I thought weren’t even possible. Now that I look back, I am so glad he had the confidence in us and made us do it.

He is a real gentleman and quite a funny one sometimes too! We really appreciate the opportunity to build our very own unique first dance with him. Thank you, Egor!


Dave & Rebecca


Hi Egor,


We went on a trip for a few days after the wedding and just came back from Miami this evening.

We had a great wedding celebration with all our family and friends. And our dance! We’ve got lots of compliments and I think we surprised our guests. People have been telling us how they couldn’t believe we learned all that within a few weeks. Thanks to your wonderful and fun lessons! When we have the professional videos from the videographer I’ll definitely send it to you to watch. I hope we won’t disappoint you though because there were some minor imperfections and adjustments due to the bulkiness of my wedding gown. 
I hope things have been well for you and your family too! Is your son feeling much better by now? I’ll definitely drop you a line when we’re ready for some dancing! I can’t wait to take more dance classes from you!


Annette & Jon


Hi Egor! The dance was great! We made it right and you would have been proud of us.

I think our teacher taught us very well.

Thank you again.


Ikki & Alex


Hi Egor,


Sorry for the delay, life has been a bit hectic for the two of us lately. The wedding was amazing, everything went perfectly and we enjoyed every minute of it. The dance went perfectly, it was definitely the highlight for a lot of people since no one was expecting us to do it.

Our fears over the wedding dress and the hair ended up not being an issue at all, we practiced about an hour before the reception started and we didn’t have any problems. The only problem that we had was with the veil getting in my way at one point, but we got through it no problem. Otherwise, we think it went great. The timing was perfect and we didn’t make any mistakes.

We will remember the wedding and all of the good times that we had, but the dance is definitely a highlight for us and we are glad that we did it.

Thanks again for your help, we really appreciate it 



Matthew & Catarina



Hi Egor, 


Just wanted to update you about how our dance went back on November 4th for our wedding reception.

Overall it went well. People thought it was really good and we were complimented on it. People liked the second lift the most it seemed simply by ovation and cheers.  


Funny enough the two spins in the middle that we had trouble with we were able to do quite well. The sequence in the first minute that we always did very well at, we had a minor hiccup. We were able to fix it on the fly and it wasn’t noticeable to the audience.  

The first lift when I carry Lisa over the threshold and spin her, we had to cut out.  Sadly we just weren’t able to do it with her dress. We made something else up about 30 minutes before the actual dance so it all worked out.

All in all it went well, people like it and we were happy with it.  We were both pretty nervous doing it but it turned out ok.  


Thank you for your help and for help making our special night all the more memorable. 


Lisa and Darryl



Hi Egor,


Apologies for the late reply – we got back from our trip last week and have been recovering from the cold!

The dance went well! (we think) My friends thought that it was kinda cute my long dress was sometimes in the way haha

Thanks for your help with our dance amidst the tight time crunch!


John & Julie


Hi Egor! I think that the dance went pretty well, we were both super nervous but everyone had nice things to say about it πŸ™‚ We have not yet gotten the video footage of the dances, but we will let you know if that turns out ha ha  Sorry for the delayed response, I tried to avoid my email while in hawaii!

Thanks, Evan & Valerie



Thank you Egor for your patience and teaching us! The dance was a big hit! Hope we did you proud. View the link below it was too big to send otherwise.

The wedding was great everything worked out according to plan or at least no one noticed anything that didn’t go smoothly. We had a lot of fun and now we’re basking in the post wedding glow and sunburn in Bali, Indonesia!! 

Thanks again for everything. You were truly awesome to get to know and learn from! 


Manny & Brennan