Feedback from our Wedding Couples 2015-2016.

This is what our wedding couples, all now happily married have to say about their experience at Dance with me Toronto and their Wedding Dance Lessons as well as the performance on their big day:

Hi Egor,

The dance you choreographed for us went extremely well at our wedding. Both of us felt really comfortable dancing the entire routine. All our friends and family were absolutely stunned that we (by which I mean, me) were able to pull off such an elegant routine that night. Given the short amount of time you worked with us, we were very pleased with the result. The entire thing struck just the right note for us and matched the music and venue so well. We are really grateful for all the help you gave the two of us, and we really enjoyed the time learning from you. We have already recommended you to a few of our friends who will be getting married this year!

All the best to you and your family in this new year!

Aaron & Felanna

Hi Egor,

Life is good, thank you. We celebrated a one year wedding anniversary in November…time flies. We never sent you a video of our dance, sorry about that. The problem is that we don’t have it. But we did very well and everyone was impressed first dance. Thank you very much for choreographing it so beautifully! 

I am attaching a few pictures.

Sincerely, Irina and Ian

Hi Egor,

The wedding dance was fantastic and we received applause at the end haha! Thank you so much!! I don’t have a complete video to show you now, hopefully when my videographer finishes working on the video there will be the complete footage 🙂

I’ve posted my Google review, by the way, you deserve a five star!

Sharon & Biao

Dear Egor,

Attached is video of our first wedding dance. You may need to turn your computer sideways to see it! We messed up the ending a bit… but it was still good! Everyone loved it!! Thanks again for teaching us and helping us! 

… So glad you liked it! Thank you for all your hard work.

Heather & Kevin

Hi Egor,

It was a terrific day!  Our dance went very well – even though there were a few “adjustments” along the way.  You can see for yourself here – just follow the link to see the video.

Thanks for all your thoughtful instruction and help adding a terrific memory to our big day!

Brian & Farzaneh

Hey Egor,

The wedding was fantastic, went out without a hitch, and our 1st dance turned out great. We had to skip over a step on account of some difficulties with the bustles on Laura’s dress and some decreased maneuverability there but nobody other than us would have known.

I know people were taking videos but I haven’t been able to track one down yet. I do however have the attached photos that were taken actually while we were presenting our wedding routine.

Thanks again for the lessons!

 Brandon & Laura