Our intricate wedding routine simply amazed guests – Video

When Ming and Ara first came to our studio and said that they chose a song by Pink Martini “Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love”, I thought the song is beautiful, but is an American Rumba with a very strict tempo – God, help us all! How can people without experience just within a few lessons learn how to dance Rumba and present a “wow” show routine?! But we decided to try anyways. My doubts were cleared and faith strengthened when they came back to their 2nd lesson and showed what they remembered from their 1st. When they danced the 1st 30 second intro part of the routine, my jaw dropped… It looked really good! I got so excited realizing how much potential they had and how sophisticated their routine can be. They said that they practiced for several hours in between the lessons. And they kept doing it every week, coming back prepared and that allowed to make their wedding routine pretty complicated. 

Check below the video of this beautiful performance at the wedding that took place in June 2017. I hope you will enjoy it!

And here is what Ming and Ara have to say about their wedding dance lessons and overall experience at Dance with me Toronto:   

“What a wonderful experience my now wife and I had working with Egor on our dance choreography for our wedding! My wife and I both had near zero dancing experience and went into it with some hesitation, but after the first lesson we had so much fun. Egor really knew how to gauge our initial level of experience and subsequent progress with each lesson, and seamlessly added dance elements to create a routine that was both challenging and fulfilling. We are still amazed when we watch our wedding video how intricate our choreography was. It did take hours of practicing after each lesson but it was so worth the look of amazement on our guests faces.”

Ming & Ara