The story of our Dancing and Wedding

I met Egor 2.5 years ago when I was looking for lessons to help me dance with a “new man in my life.”  We had gone on vacation with my boyfriend (now husband) and I could not dance with him. I had no idea how to dance the typical social dances – salsa, merengue, cha-cha, bachata.   

On the first lesson Egor had me dancing the basic steps to my surprise. It was fun.  So, I started to take private lessons to prepare. Soon after Egor had a student get together and demonstrations to which I brought my new man as a surprise. He was pleased and happy that I had secretly started taking lessons to prepare for our next vacation of fun and dancing.

In Nov, 2016, Steve and I married. Egor helped us with a “three song” wedding dance. One slow and two upbeat tunes.  We prepared diligently and then finally we were ready… as ready as we were going to be. Our guests were entertained and my husband did a crazy double turn “Michael Jackson” style..  it was wild… the crowd was screaming and clapping at Steve’s skill and natural entertaining.  

Egor is a very patient, fun and positive teacher. He considers all his students as his dance family and we can ask him for anything we need.  He will always try to accommodate us.  Teaching us to be better and better is a passion for Egor. He always has a funny story about his past dance school happenings in Russia and of course the many students he has had in Canada. We are an entertaining group for sure. He also has regular outings and showcases for all students. We can watch each other dance and have opportunity to perform too. It’s fun!

Dancing is a great way to keep your marriage and relationships healthy. Sure, there can be some disagreements on the dance floor here and there, but dancing is therapeutic, great for your legs and fitness and just a whole pile of fun and laughter is the result.   There are many places to drop in to dance an hour or two throughout the city.  It’s a great way to get through the long, cold winter too.

You won’t go wrong with Egor’s work and endless passion for his role as a Teacher and friend to you as a student.  You’ll start lessons and never look back!  




Sharon T. & Steve H.