Working on our Wedding Dance was fun!

My husband and I were married September of 2016. We had decided six months prior to our wedding, that we wanted to have a special first dance. Nothing too extravagant, as neither one of us are dancers; however something to remember. Thus began our search for a dance instructor! We were not comfortable with the idea of a group class so we began to search for private lessons. We ended up taking a few lessons at another studio to which we were not happy with at all. The instructor did not seem to understand what exactly we were looking for in our first dance. We decided to leave that studio, and had even doubts about having a special wedding dance at all. 

Enter Egor! We found Dance with me Toronto through some research online and decided to give it a try. We are extremely happy that we did! Egor was kind, easy-going and seemed to be very eager to help us create the type of dance we wanted. We broke down the song and adjusted things as we went in order to make sure we were 100% certain about each move. One thing I can say is that along with his teaching technique and attention to detail, this is a teacher that definitely cares about his students! He worked with us up until the day before our wedding, and I have to say that the entire process was actually really fun. Overall, would highly recommend Egor and Dance with me Toronto to anyone looking for a special dance of their own, or even just to learn the basics of any other dance. It is definitely worth it!



Anastasia & Yaroslav