Our wedding dance looked like Dancing with the Stars – NEW

Shadi & John were getting married in June 2017. They wanted to create something really special and meaningful to both them as well as entertaining for the guests. The pick of the song was very inspiring  – Christina Perri “A thousand years”. And their enthusiasm and dedication and desire to push the limit were inspiring too!

At Dance with me Toronto we are always trying to listen to our clients and cater to what they want, trying to make sure that the choreography resonates with who they are, tells the story of their love… but at the same time goes along with the piece of music they chose and looks graceful, no matter whether these people have any background in dance or not… And Shadi & John are a perfect example of how it all came together 100%.

Here is a Thank you email we received from them after the wedding:

“Here is a small trailer of your master piece. Everyone is still talking about our dance. I’ll send you more when I get them from the guests. And I’ll for sure send you all the professional  ones. Yes, we have professional video and pics, but the wait time is very long. Our video about 3 – 4 months and our pics at least another month. But the good news is our wedding is being submitted to a magazine which is why the photographer is taking his sweet time editing. (I’m so excited!!!). 

We are going to miss you. Well we already do 🙁  but I’m sure we will keep in touch with you forever. We really connected with you. Thanks so much for being so welcoming. We will definitely drop in to your classes whenever we can. 

Also I have sent you a client through my wedding planner I hope it works out. Thanks so much Egor! Obviously, there was 0 percent chance without you! Thank you again!”

And here is a Google review, Shadi wrote a couple of days later:

“My husband and I hired Egor to choreograph our wedding dance. It was the best decision we made! Neither of us had prior ballroom dancing experience. We chose the Viennese waltz dance and it turned out to be more than what we wanted. Egor is such a great instructor. I never thought in such little time he could make us dance like a pro. He was super patient and Professional.
To this day guests tell us our dance looked like Dancing with the Stars.
Our vendors loved our dance too! We had our videographer tell us our dance has been the best he had seen in 25 years. My planner also loved our dance and took down Egor’s information for her other clients.

Thank you Egor we loved working with you! and for sure will return for you fun Salsa classes!”

Shadi & John