Tom boy turned into a Lady

I always loved watching people dance and when the dance shows started on TV that even reinforced that I loved to see people dance with such grace and ease. I am a very active person. I took up exercising in a serious way as I found an excellent trainer. Later I took up cycling and have been doing both for over 9+ years. But I don’t have rhythm or grace as I was always a tom boy at heart. However, one day I walked into the dance studio and decided to start dance lessons. I met this dance instructor, Egor, who has so much patience that encouraged me and step by step I started to dance. He actually is turning me into a lady on the dance floor and I now can dance ballroom and Latin. I have been taking lessons for 3 years and love it and Egor is a fabulous instructor who supports and encourages you to become a dancer.

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Joan S.