Classy Viennese waltz Wedding routine – Video

Dennis and Emily came to Dance with me Toronto just one month before the wedding. Their pick was Celine Dion’s “A New Day Has Come”, which is a slow version of Viennese Waltz – not an easy choice if you have absolutely no ballroom dance background.  But they said “We want this to happen, no matter what, we are ready to work hard!”

And they did! For example, 1 entire lesson was spent just working on 1 lift! After a while I said let’s find an easier option and got a response “We never give up!” And they did not drop this move and it became the highlight of the whole routine. The hardest part was to actually learn how to do those classic Viennese Waltz turns – they seem easy when professionals dance, but it is so hard to make them look effortless and smooth and keep a presentable shape. When I was watching the video I thought “We all did a good job”! 

And now you have a chance to enjoy their classy Wedding Dance! Check the video below.

This is what Dennis and Emily had to say about their dance lessons at our studio: “We enjoyed every lesson with Egor. Egor listened to our wishes and came up with an excellent and creative dance routine for our wedding. Everyone at our wedding loved our dance and we have Egor to thank for that. We would highly recommend Egor if you’re looking for a positive, upbeat, funny and professional dance instructor for any occasion!”

Dennis & Emily