Wedding dance & more fun dancing after…

We tried a few studios before finding Egor by pure luck. His energetic, diligent and patient approach makes all the difference for us. We started out small, with a “talent show” dance. Our classy, romantic, wedding dance followed a bit after and Egor’s great teaching style and choreography exceeded all expectations. But that was not the end of it, we are now back with a fun dance for my sister’s wedding. This time we picked a very dynamic dance – switching 3 dance styles. He embraced this challenge as he enthusiastically brings new moves and ideas to keep us engaged and the audience entertained.

Egor works with clients, listening and building upon their desires. No task too difficult or dance too hard – Egor is able to explain things very logically, bringing structure into something seemingly chaotic at first sight. The amount of styling details he helps polish, really make the difference between great and stunning.
We have found our perfect match – working with Egor is fun and relaxing, with no sense of pressure, fear or intimidation.

Iliana & Sergey S.