What our Wedding Couples say – season 2016.

It is great to get a great feedback, isn’t it? We are very excited present you another compilation of “Thank you” notes we received from our Wedding couples. Enjoy!

Dear Egor, 

O yes it rained heavily on Saturday, I’ve rarely seen rain like that in Toronto, but the wedding was a lot of fun. And the dance was great! We went through the routine without any mistakes, and on beat with the music, and most importantly had fun with it. And all our family and friends were very very surprised, they were not expecting us to be able to dance like that!

Thank you for your help and awesome choreography, this was one of the most fun parts of our wedding experience!

Best regards, Pouyan & Amanda

Hi Egor!!

Wedding was fantastic ! felt like a dream ! We think the dance went ok but we are waiting for some people to send us videos haha! I will send it to you as soon as I get it ! I’m going to talk to Yaroslav this weekend about coming to see you soon for dance lessons πŸ™‚ So maybe we will show you the video in person !

Talk to you soon πŸ™‚

Anastasia & Yaroslav

Hi Egor,

Yes, totally forgot to send you the video.  Aside from the nerves which affected the dance a bit, I think overall, it was a success!  Thank you for teaching us and choreographing a beautiful first dance for us!

Jason & Gloria

Hello Egor,

The wedding and dance was great!  Just with some minor glitches here and there, but we continued on.  And no dizziness for the whole day!!!  I will try to send you the video now.

I feel emotional & I want to tell you a bit more.

You always tell stories of the couples you taught in the past.  I guess our story is that we lack in time to practice the dance. That night Allen reviewed the clip of our wedding routine we recorded at the last lesson and was telling me all the steps while we were dancing, haha…  You can see I was nodding my head.  So my deepest thought at that moment was that I can really rely on this man and trust him. 

I wished to have a beautiful wedding dance.  Thanks for making this happen & happen so smoothly!

We will definitely come to you again if we want to learn more in the future and refer you to our friends.

All the best and take care!

Thank you, Carrie & Allen

Hi Egor,

Check the dance video from our wedding.

I think it went pretty well and we had so much fun! Thanks so much, Egor!!

I’ve left a review for you on Google.

Cheers, Tony & Mavis

Dear Egor,

The dance turned out great. It wasn’t perfect as dancing with the dress was much more clumsy than what we had imagined. But I think all guests were happy and enjoyed it. Most people were surprised at what we were able to do when we told them we only had 5 lessons.

Thank you, Daniel & Kathie

Hi Egor!

We went on a long vacation and just got back!  The wedding went well, everything went just as planned.  Believe it or not, I got stage fright and literally forgot all the steps you taught me, but lucky that Amin was the one to lead because he managed to make the dance look pretty seamless πŸ™‚  We’re still waiting on the video so can’t wait to see how it all turned out.  Hope all is well with you.  Thank you for taking the time and effort every lesson to make our wedding a fairytale πŸ™‚

Regards, Zohrina & Amin

Hi Egor,

We promised you that we are going to send you our dance videos, but it will take up to 2 months before our videographer can send it to us.

I just got some photos this week, looked great! Thought I would share some with you. Thank you very much for the beautiful choreography! 

Konnie and Ethan

Hi Egor,

Here are some pictures of our father-daughter dance. We do not have a video. It was absolutely perfect. We even remembered to look each other in the eyes during the spinning part. Thank you again for the great choreography and lessons! We got a lot of compliments on the dance.

Cheers! Anya

Hi Egor,

It went really well and we enjoyed our [father-daughter] dance. We got really good feedback from my wife (that is the most important :).

Unfortunately, as Anya mentioned, we have no video but only pictures of the dance. 

Thank you very much for your efforts and we will recommend your classes to everybody who are interested in.

Best regards, Michael

PS By the way what classes do you have for me and my wife? We are thinking to sign up & start dancing together.