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Article: Dancing makes you Smarter

Please take your time to read this article – Dancing Makes you Smarter – it really does!!!

… For centuries, dance manuals and other writings have lauded the health benefits of dancing, usually as physical exercise.  More recently we’ve seen research on further health benefits of dancing, such as stress reduction and increased serotonin level, with its sense of well-being. Continue reading

Dance with me Movie

“Dance with me” – sounds familiar 🙂 – yes, you can blame this movie, at least partially, for the name we bear.

Most people would recall more recent dance projects like “Shall we dance?” or “Take the lead”… “Dance with me” is not that well remembered – it was released in 1998, starring Vanessa Williams and Chayanne (Latin American singer). Great chemistry in between these two, by the way… In my opinion, it is one of the best dance movies ever released… Hard to explain, but it has some  genuine emotion behind everything they do or say. Continue reading

Salsa Story

During the salsa class teacher addresses the student –

Teacher: Sir, I am afraid you and your partner are not on the same page…

Student: At least we are reading the same book!