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Argentine Vals & its Musicality

We have an interesting piece for you today. One of the three principal forms of Argentine Tango, along with Tango and Milonga, is Tango Vals.

Some History

The European Waltz is much older than tango. It is one of the very first dances (the others being the polka and tango) in which the couple face and touch each other when dancing.

The Waltz was transformed into an independent, identifiable dance only at the end of the 1700s. Couples suddenly started embracing each other, hands were placed around the bodies, and couples looked into each other’s eyes. When the waltz became fashionable in Vienna around 1773, it was shocking to the masses and the aristocrats, and was considered ‘riotous and indecent’ as late as 1825. Continue reading

Workshop for Couples

At the end of April we had a pleasure organizing & conducting one of a kind Workshop for our Couples. It was not intended as group Couple Therapy, but it turned out to be an interesting experience for both parties 😉

The intention was to share valuable information acquire through the years of teaching & dancing, practical tips and show & try some exercises; to present a full overview of the topic, not just bits and pieces students hear from teachers during the lessons. The  goal was to make dancing together, practicing together, working on dance moves together more efficient and enjoyable.
Some topics we covered:
– what is together?
– who is the boss?
– what is a couple on a dance floor?
– just a follower or a companion?

Continue reading

International Dance Day – April 29th

International Dance Day was introduced in 1982 by the International Dance Council (CID, Conseil International de la Danse), a UNESCO partner NGO, and is celebrated yearly, on April 29. The date is not linked to a particular person or a particular form of dance, although it’s also the day when the French dancer and ballet master Jean-Georges Noverre was born. The main purpose of Dance Day events Continue reading

A Short History of Argentine Tango Part 2

So why were men dancing with men? Simply because there were so few women (other than the Ladies of Negotiable Affection) and all of these men yearned to meet a respectable woman, marry her, and raise a family. Since the women had their pick of the men, they looked for the best dancers at social occasions. In the housing conglomerates called conventillos, there were social dances every evening Continue reading