We are 5 years in business!!! September 1st 2014-2019

Dear clients and friends!

I would love to say a huge “Thank you!” for your support and loyalty. Yes, thanks to that we managed to create a thriving community of people who love to dance and have fun doing so! 5 years ago, on September 1st 2014 the studio officially opened. On that day we launched the website, Facebook page and shared our promo video. You can see the pictures taken as part of the preparation for the opening and below that promo video we recorded in 2014…

5 years passed by so quickly. Thousands of private lessons, hundreds of group classes (I hope most of them were fun lol), numerous parties, performances, outings, showcases and shows… and lots of wonderful people I met during those years through my line of work, for which I am eternally grateful… and lots of great memories!

We will be celebrating soon! 5th anniversary party will take place at the end of September. A bunch of fun people would gather to dance and socialize – and fun night is guaranteed! I hope we’ll be gathering 5 and 10 years from now to celebrate 10th and 15th anniversary as well – as long as people want to learn how to dance, gracefully and with ease, we would be open for business!!!

With lots of love and gratitude,

founder of Dance with me Toronto

Egor Belashov