Salsa night out in August 2018

On Saturday, August 11 2018 Dance with me Toronto students, around 40 in total, attended El Rancho salsa club and had lots of fun!

We were offered a great dinner.  Everyone was surprised how good the food was! Our compliments to the establishment!

The dinner was followed by a very entertaining lesson provided by the local instructor. Having noticed that a big group of dancers was present at the lesson, the instructor showed some very interesting and fancy steps of merengue and salsa which very nice of him.

Then DJ’s played merengue, bachata and salsa and the crowd grew bigger and bigger. In the middle of the night it got really hot and stuffy, but our students still enjoyed dancing and watching a bunch of amazing dancers burning the floor.

Lots of positive comments and thank you notes were received in the week that followed our school trip. Everyone had a good time, managed to catch up with old friends and make new ones…

Yes, we all had a good time! Hopefully many more outings and dance parties to come! And as always we have lots of pictures to share. Here are some of them. For more check our Events Gallery and Facebook Album 2018.