New Salsa & Argentine Tango Beginner classes coming soon

Dear friends!

In September-October 2020 we are considering to open 2 NEW group classes: Salsa and Bachata Beginner 1 and Argentine Tango Beginner 1 (see the sample videos below).

If you would like to learn those dances from scratch, please book a free trial lesson and you will be dancing soon!

November 15th, 2020 UPDATE: As a results of our effort we managed to launch recently 4 new group classes – Argentine Tango Beginner on Tuesday at 6:30pm, 2 Salsa and Bachata Beginner classes on Wednesday at 7:30pm and Thursday at 8:30pm and Beginner Waltz and Swing – Saturday at 1:00pm. If you are interested in joining – give us a shout!

Our group classes are small to ensure physical distancing. In addition we follow Covid-19 Safety Protocol in our studio as everyone’s safety is our top priority. Having your own partner is an advantage in these circumstances, but if you do not – feel free to inquire anyways.

Above mentioned courses are 10 weeks long and cover the basics of Salsa, Bachata and Tango respectively. Schedule: see above. Price: $170 per person for 10 weeks (including tax). We offer a trial 1 on 1 lesson before you sign up for a group. Number of spots per group is limited (8 students + instructor).

Dancing is fun!!! See you on a dance floor!!!