Salsa Out December 2017 – Photo Report

In December 2017 Dance with me Toronto went out to Marlowe restaurant and wine bar – they have Salsa Wednesday nights where  an intro lesson is offered to start the party – a crash course on the basics of Salsa, Marengue, Bachata. Then DJ plays mostly Salsa with occasional Merengue & Bachata songs. Nice place, we have been there several times.

We were all very surprised that on the week night 30 plus students of Dance With Me Toronto showed up! For many of our students it was the first Salsa party exposure. 

Everybody had fun and had a chance to practice the steps they learn in class on the “battle field” so to speak. It is always a good experience to get out of your shell and comfort zone, get some different perspective on dancing or get inspired.

Check the pictures of our lovely students enjoying that night out.  

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