Elite Dance Showcase April 2017

On April 1, 2017, students of Dance With Me Toronto and teacher Egor enjoyed a great day at the Elite Dance Showcase held at Le Park Banquet Hall.  The Showcase was well represented by many dance studios and teachers in the GTA.

Our students Joan, Amelia and Jing participated in the Pro-Am event.  A Pro-Am event is when a teacher (the professional) dances with his or her student (the amateur) in a competition or a showcase.  Joan, Amelia and Jing danced very well.  They looked amazing in their beautiful ball gowns and hair and makeup professionally done by a former ballroom champion.  Great jobs ladies!

A big thank you to many of our students who came to watch our ladies perform.  Thank you for your support and for acting as photographers and videographers.  Lots of pictures and videos were taken.  Check out the pictures on the left. 

The evening was a black tie dinner with performances by a world class legendary dance couple – 8 times undefeated world champions Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis.  For general dancing, we danced to music performed by a 25-piece live band.

At Dance With Me Toronto we are always looking for fun things to do!!!