Stress relief and couple therapy

We would like to share with you how much we love our dance lessons with Egor – he is a wonderful teacher. We have never danced until few years ago – we tried different studios and almost gave up trying, but then we met Egor. 

We are very grateful to him for his patience and understanding. We know that we will never become professional dancers. But we love to dance – it is a wonderful thing that helps us cope with a stressful corporate job and give a great boost to our relationship.

Egor always has the right words to make us feel great and comfortable. Even if we come to a lesson totally exhausted after the working week and forgot the moves again. Egor teaches us not only the dance moves, he reminds us that there are great things outside the busy work lives such as music, rhythm and partner holding your hand and looking into your eyes. It worked great for us and it will work for you! Come and try for yourself!

Irina & German V.