What our Wedding Couples say – season 2016. NEW

It is great to get a great feedback, isn’t it? We are very excited present you another compilation of “Thank you” notes we received from our Wedding couples. Enjoy!

Dear Egor, 

O yes it rained heavily on Saturday, I’ve rarely seen rain like that in Toronto, but the wedding was a lot of fun. And the dance was great! We went through the routine without any mistakes, and on beat with the music, and most importantly had fun with it. And all our family and friends were very very surprised, they were not expecting (more…)

Working on our Wedding Dance was fun! NEW

My husband and I were married September of 2016. We had decided six months prior to our wedding, that we wanted to have a special first dance. Nothing too extravagant, as neither one of us are dancers; however something to remember. Thus began our search for a dance instructor! (more…)

Anastasia & Yaroslav

Feedback from our Wedding Couples 2015-2016. NEW

This is what our wedding couples, all now happily married have to say about their experience at Dance with me Toronto and their Wedding Dance Lessons as well as the performance on their big day:

Hi Egor,

The dance you choreographed for us went extremely well at our wedding. Both of us felt really comfortable dancing the entire routine. All our friends and family were absolutely stunned that we (by which I mean, me) were able to pull off such an elegant routine that night. Given the short amount of time you worked with us, we were very pleased with the result. The entire thing struck just the right note for us and (more…)

Tom boy turned into a Lady

I always loved watching people dance and when the dance shows started on TV that even reinforced that I loved to see people dance with such grace and ease. I am a very active person. I took up exercising in a serious way as I found an excellent trainer. Later I took up cycling and have been doing both for over 9+ years. But I don’t have rhythm or grace as I was always a tom boy at heart. However, one day I walked into the dance studio and decided to start dance lessons. I met this dance instructor, Egor, who has so much patience that encouraged me and step by step I started to dance. He actually is turning me into a lady on the dance floor and I now can dance ballroom and Latin. I have been taking lessons for 3 years and love it and Egor is a fabulous instructor who supports and encourages you to become a dancer.

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Joan S.

In love with Argentine Tango

Just a note from Dance with me Toronto. Patrick has been attending Argentine tango class for about 3 years with a group of amazing people who enjoy it very much. That is what he has to say:
Your first impression of Argentine Tango as a student is probably that the dance is infuriating, impossible, intricate, and irresistible. You don’t have to step in time to the music; your partner dances different steps; the dance is improvised by the leader; embellished by the follower; and those flashy sexy moves that led you to this dance are mostly illusions. (more…)

Patrick A.