Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio. Salsa and Argentine Tango.


Q: Do I need a partner to start dancing at Dance with me Toronto?

A: No, we will offer you a dance instructor of the opposite sex, who will be your teacher and dance partner at the same time. We call it ProAm – Professional + Amateur dancing together. This method of learning proved to be very efficient – look at Dancing with the Stars!

Q: We are a couple in our mid 50s. Are we too old to start?

A: It is never too late to start dancing. Actually, you are at a stage in life where it is a very good time to do some social dancing – you have achieved a lot in life, kids are grown up and independent – you need a great hobby and a social activity that you can share while spending quality time together.

Q: What do I do if I am not sure which style of dance I would like to learn?

A: We offer a complimentary no obligation trial lesson. You will try to dance a bit, sampling different dances and styles, and then have a discussion with the instructor on your preferences and goals.

Q: Can I do something like what they do on TV’s Dancing with the Stars at your school?

A: Sure, if you are up to the challenge, a Show Dance program is available for you. It is a very exciting and creative process.

Q: We have a wedding in 3 months. Can you help us wow our guests? Keep in mind we’ve never taken any dance lessons before.

A: We’ve helped dozens of couples make their dream dance come true. Most of these lovely couples have never danced in their life. We can put together a beautifully choreographed dance for you within just a few lessons.

Q: We are 3 girlfriends and want to learn some stuff we saw at the salsa club recently – can we take lessons together?

A: Salsa – no problem! Sure, you can take lessons together –semi-private lessons, where 1 instructor would be conducting a lesson for a small group of up to 6 people.

Q: Do we need to buy dance shoes before we start taking lessons?

A: You need skis to ski and clubs to golf. Dance shoes will help you a lot to feel more comfortable with your dancing. For the first couple of lessons you can dance in regular shoes that are comfy. Later on, we can recommend you the style of dance shoes you would need and even some dance shoe stores.

Q: You offer so many dances. Will you teach me all of them?

A: We do teach about 15 different dances. However, from our experience, 2 to 4 dances are good enough to start with. First we need to make sure that there is enough skill and confidence in dancing them; then we would start expanding your dance repertoire.

Q: How often should I take lessons to learn how to dance?

A: It depends on your availability, budget and goals. It does not take long to learn the basics. And you can be dancing basic steps beautifully within a few short months if you are taking lessons one or two times a week.